TFWP Tx 7th February 2019 (19.06)

A month ago I made a rash announcement that TFWP would be taking a break – ostensibly after the loss of our wonderful cat, Professor Yaffle, who was hit and killed by a car.

This was posted across our social media pages and Mr Rusty Egan (who had, late last year, started following our Mixcloud feed) replied to our Tweet saying, ‘I can take care of them while you are away if you love it electronic’ with his Friday evening show, The Electronic Family Tree on Artefaktor Radio.

Anyhoo, one thing lead to another and Rusty recommended us to the guys at Artefaktor Radio, and Renato (founder and CEO of Artefaktor Radio) kindly invited me to join their roster of presenters, DJs, curators, selectors, which I very quickly, and without hesitation, agreed to do.

So, as of the 7th February 2019 show TFWP goes out on Artefaktor Radio from 8pm, while still being broadcast on Fylde Coast Radio from 9pm.