Tx Fused 21.16


Träume Mit Mir – Grauzone
Extraction – Blue Livingroom
Sheep – Disrupted Being
Part of The Con – Jeff McCall
The Path That Leads Me Home (Antibody Mix) – Llumen
Watching Ghosts – Donovan Silver
Inhale (feat. Lula) – New Arcades
Everything Will Be Alright – Alienare
A Better Way – Andy & Sasa
Ich häng an dir – Sharon Next
Rebuild the Future (Neonox Remix) – Uncreated & Xenturion Prime
The Strongest Girl – District 13
Hologram (Endanger Remix) – Vyrtual Zociety
Devils Dance, Angels Prance – Dizzy Grraves
Technocide – Moroderhead
Tripadvisor – Blackrays
Feel Again – ACAY & Daniela Rhodes
Is There Anybody Out There (Jon Campbell Radio Edit) – Michael Oakley
Fear Contagion (Thewalkingicon Remix) – Syncore
The Last Drive – Sayana
I’m Not The One You Think I Am (feat. E:Lect) – Patrik Adolfsson
Inappropriate Nursery Rhymes – Pretty Addicted
Prozrachnaya Zhenschina – Love Object
Conviction – EvilMoon Project
Limbo – K★141
Atelier Complex – Pyrroline
Silicone Suit – Neuf
1952 Flyby – Reality’s Despair
Sorglose Maa – Karl Kave
Clotting Time – Shifted
Divulge – Flux
Plague of People – Room of Wires
Themostimportantperson – Clicks
Confinamiento (New Variant Remix) – Amorphous
Devil – Formalin
Geomagnet – Kontinent
Love is Just Another Stab in the Back – Matthew Creed
Walking in Flames (Instrumental Club Version) – Gen-ZX
Ghost Dance (Mach Fox Remix) – Siva Six
Repair Yourself – Der Plan
Bis Das Blut Gefriert – Inhalt Der Nacht
Add Clarity (Primitive Heart Remix) – She’s Excited!
Stainless Steel Eyes (feat. Vain Sacrosanct) – First Aid 4 Souls
Athanatos (Infekted Remix) – Diavolic

Die Liebe – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer