Tx Fused 21.18


Blinded By The Sun – Blaklight
Pulsation (feat. Bluehost) – Legaspifer
Voyage Now (feat. Sebastian And The Dream) – Arsine Tibe
You Shock Me – Plexiphones
Busy Rushing Nowhere Now – Yestergrey
The Number One Song In Heaven – Telex
Senses Thrilled (feat. Munich Syndrome / Analogue-X Remix) – Projekt Ich
Closing In – A Sinister Light
We Are The Law – Roisín Murphy
Inside Your Mind (The Saint Paul Remix) – Gen-ZX
No Island (Die Arkitekt Remixt) – Kid Moxie
No Future – Black Light Odyssey
Taking the Space (Shado Dub Remix) – Echoberyl
Addicted to Your Heartbeat – Mirko Hirsch
It’s Not Too Late – Modern Boots
Vicious Games (Mark Reeder’s Wet & Hard Remix) – Yello
Cosmic Driver – JoC H
Second Chance (feat. Mary Dee / No Fears Mix) – Franzone
Biohazard (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Dani Tamayo
Automation (Vince Clarke Remix) – Tiny Magnetic Pets
Primordial Forces – Xenturion Prime
Cruel Intention – Oh Baby
Drowning In Nostalgia – Sinister Device
Turn It – Depthbuffer
Upgrade Me (Strngr Remix) – Moris Blak
Plausible Deniability – Show of Force
Les Chevaux – Potochkine
X (Minsky Rock Remix) – Working Men’s Club
Looking 4 Fame – Meg Ward
Runaway with Me – Red Mecca
Mourners (Remix by Sebastian Komor) – Zeromancer
Winchester (Tokyo Rose Remix) – Wayfloe
Reload (Sexgun Remix) – Ultimate Soldier
Russian Death – Portvain
Svnt Lacrimae Rervm (Fractured Transmission Remix) – Solve
Assault The Breach – Cryocon
Le Vide (TemnaVoda Darktrance Version) – The Quinsy
The Victory of Light – Blutengel
Tease & Denial – Agonoize
Call Me Insane (90s Tribute) – SynthAttack
My Sacrifice (2020 version) – Subliminal Code
Photographic (feat. Géminis 2) – DATA

Siemens – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer