Tx Fused 21.19


La Petite Fille & Le Ballon – Lisa Pung
Running Electrons – Ansgar Stock
Bedlam – The Distant Minds
Within – Nature of Wires + Machina X
Waiting – Aeronaut V
Kingdom Come – Nius X
Red Right Hand – Null Device
Hearts Fade Out – The Foreign Resort
Computers Control – Electron Odyssey
Ghosts – Desire
Borrowing Time – Ari Mason
Cold Pills – Kirlian Camera
Brave New World (Remix) – Clan of Xymox
Adrenaline (feat. Valerie Abbey) – Sweat Boys
Alice – Aquario
Be a Rebel (Arthur Baker Remix) – New Order
Cuts You Up – BlakLight
Black & White Television (11Grams Remix) – Third Realm
Magic Man – NNHMN
Lad Mig Gå (feat. Camilla Chanel / Dance Mix) – Caboan
Blood Sweat Tears (Real Dreamers Mix) – Agents of Rhythm
You – Lifelong Corporation
Terrain – Halina Rice
Heartbeat (feat. Stephen Newton & Neil Francis) – Scyia
The Thousand Sunsets – Abel Ray
Lancer – Rodrics
Do Yourself Some Good (Lost Souls of Saturn Fathers Mix) – UNKLE
Wéi – Bolis Pupul
Fragile (Way Out Techno Mix) – Patrik Adolfsson
Our World (Bjarki Swipe Right Mix) – GusGus
Acto De Momo – 7 Heads of Destruction
Our Pristine Machine (Metal) – Sawtooth
Slow Machinery – Cutoff:Sky
Dance Or Die (Physical Wash Remix) – Chrome Corpse
Nocturnal (The Long Night’s Moon Remix by Manufactura) – L
They Call You – Toxic Industry
Gravity (Liebknecht Remix) – Aesthetic Perfection
Biez Nas – Chem
Energie – Tyske Ludder
Paint It Black – Chemical Sweet Kid
Bada Bing – Aardvarkk
One From Hell – MissSuicide
Scars of Time – Chamaeleon

B Mashina – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer