Tx Fused 21.41 (Xtra!)


Something To Believe In – Angry Pete
Into Dirt – Thee Hyphen
My World Is Empty – Powerstatefailure
Razorgirl – Patient Zero
What You Need (feat. Matina Sous Peau / Tensnake Remix) – Nteibint
I’m An Ear – Analogue Electronic Whatever
The Reason – Conscience
Horizont (Dance Mix) – Endanger
Hunter’s Moon – Kizunaut
If I Was Gone – Sin Cos Tan
Burning Loneliness (Ferrari Kid Remix) – Red Industrie
Future X – Male Tears
Hammered In An Airport – Spray
Taking Back Control (Assemblage 23 Remix) – For All The Emptiness
Berlin (Cosmodelica Remix) – A Certain Ratio
Paranoid – BlakLight
Independent – Twice Divine
Science of Sleep (feat. Jules) – Telegimnastika
And Then We Dance Again – Amongst The Pigeons
Scent of Torture (feat. Warteraum) – Vexillary
Bruises On My Illusions – Soft Cell
Cold Reality – Rich Sibley
Innovation – Elektrotechnik
Hidden Vortex – ICD-10
Australia Is Burning – Pankow
Mahaii – Dominykas JAS
Touch Yourself – Princess Century
Tarnished (Lord Charon Mix) – eHpH
Move – Manaa
Mobile Morgue – DeviKorps
Marina – Morvn
Schweigen – Suppressor
Haywire II – Exemia
La Morte en Vintage – La Bande-Son Imaginaire
Times of Upheaval (Frau Silberfischer Remix) – Blac Kolor
Life In The Dying Place – Muta-scuM
Against My Faultss – Nghtly
Under The Subway (Deadlight Vocal Mix) – Vanishing Heat
War of The Religions (feat. Armageddon Dildos / Rob Dust Remix) – Orange Sector
Space and Time – Ethseq
Highness Homa – Scarlit Port
Eyes Open – Linus BTSKIP

Zmagoslavje Volje – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Mixcloud Xtra!
Intermezzo – Robert Parker

Forms – Mission To The Sun
Portal Al Pasado – Russell
Crystal Glow – Cyberwalker
Liquidators – Jonteknik
Static Heart – The Rain Within
Noncompliant – Pop. 1280
Awake – The Joke Jay
Bring Out The Dead (Dead Mix) – Exo-Kult
Voice of Murder – Christ Under Droids
Bad Boy (Piston Damp Remix) – Train To Spain
Tenebrae – El Ojo y la Navaja
Think of You – Monotronic
Shattered Bones (Fused Remix) – VH x RR
The Black Hit of Space – Parralox

Never Can Say Goodbye (San Paulo Mix) – Communards