Tx Fused 21.42


Bax – FX666
Lucky Lobotomy – Catherine Moan
Wandering – Demetr
Feeling Queer (People Theatre’s Fan Mix) – The Gliding Faces
Unforgivable – The Distant Minds
Love for the Sake of Love – Modovar
Burning Love – Cold Connection
Second Thoughts – The Sweeps
When Spring Began – Into the Blood
Atlas’ Push – Vangelis
The Kill – Love Object
Watch Out! – Rohn Lederman
Supernova Star – Francesca e Luigi
VIVRE – Marie Möör et Les Autres Couleurs
Leave The Night (Open Eyes Remix) – Montage Collective
Haute Definition – Vitalic
Ego Death – Handsdown & Leigh Boy
Gravity (Deep State Remix) – The Transistor Brothers
500 – Iterations
Moment In Time – Popcorn Kid, Noxigen
Come On, Johnny Boy (Nature of Wires Remix) – M.U.N.T Connection
Sonne – Datapop
Wink – Alvee
Dag Maluch (feat Sagiv S) – Hevi Levi
Drama 7 – DJ Wedding
Control – Platronic
Erroneous Division – FTSM
A Play (Sydney Valette Remix) – Nul Telexes
Shadows In The Dark – In3briant
Sobrellevar. – New Fabrik
Dissolved From Love – Blakaut
Bonding – Julia Bondar
Nothing Rattles, Nothing Shines (Leaether Strip Remix) – Impulse Control Disorder
O’ Blasphemy (Twin Tribes Remix) – Curse Mackey
Oil Thirsty – Masked
Sucht & Drang – Kalte Liebe
Lüg Mich Nicht An (Es23 Remix) – Schwarzschild
The Fear Mongers – Caffetine
Dirty Little Sneak – Urban Matrix
Haute Couture – Elz And The Cult
Engage – Kontravoid
Destiny (Nohycit Remix) – Reflection
Red Planet (Lazerpunk Remix) – Scandroid
Get Out – Odonis Odonis
I Saw Her at K. – Str. 76 – Dominik Muller
Reinkarnation (Remake 2021) – Faktor 239

Das Nachtlied II – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer


Lost Contact (Assemblage 23 remix) – Smouldering Embers of Aggression
Angelsteal – Panic Priest
Deadly – Ashley Bad
What If You Can’t Go Back? – Synesthete
Das Beat (feat. Midge Ure) – Band Electronica
Miracle (Rob Stuart’s Spacial Remix) – Benjamin Russell
Lost & Found – 7t2names
Synthesize – Hxnging Rxven
The Underneath – Not My God
Waltzinblack – Agents of Rhythm
Depth Perception – Nalon
Midnight Melt (feat. Iain Howie) – Savaggio & Dark Arps
Only Lovers – Paolo Virdis
Start From Scratch – ANPL
Want Need (I-Robots Reconstruction) – Das Ding
Don’t Know Zero (Tommy Tranq Remix) – Angelspit