Tx Fused 21.43 (Xtra!)


L’angoisse – Non-Lieu
Be The Light (feat. Say) – Jamie Jamal
If You Could Read My Mind (feat Pete Statham) – Probe 7
Lit de Parade – Secret Service
Hands Aflame – Darkzine
What I Say (Mental Exile Remix) – N-Frequency
Death Upon My Shoulders – Enhok
The Darkest Year – Rangga Electroscope
lluminate (Delta Omega Remix) – Revolution Above Disorder
What Remains (Assemblage 23 Remix) – Vellocinate
Demon in Me (Demon Mix) – Chemical Waves
Dark Sun (Fingerprinted Cheese Remix) – The Quinsy
Eins Mit Dem Wind – Eisfabrik
A Walking Miracle – The Moment KLKTV
Embers (Unify Separate Remix) – Rupesh Cartel
Phantom Heart – Leathers
Delusions – Violentene
London Calling – Leæther Strip
Golden Age – The Last Concorde
The Spice of Dune – Hardware vs. American Techno Mafia
Run With You (Lifelong Corporation Moon Mix) – Midnight
Pieces (Fulvio Colasanto Remix) – Eutropic
Sunbird (feat. Oliviya Nicole / 11Grams Club House Remix) – Psy’Aviah
Safety In Mind (Lifelong Corporation Dual Mix) – Elegant Machinery
Andromeda – Virad
Speed Fight Date – Demokratie
Twist In My Sobriety – datA
Neon Noir – Milla Lehto
Urbs Picta – Christian Hornbostel
Under Aegis of Shadow Work – Manufactura
Alteration – Frankie&RikiAbi
Raingarden – Xeno & Oaklander
Violence – Danny Blu
Phi – Nastia Y
Projekt S.A.T.A.N. (TAZENTO Remix) – Faktion[22]
Mit dir (feat. Madil Hardis / Kim Lunner Cyberpunk Remix) – Projekt Ich
Heartbeat – Crying Skies
Therapy (Leæther Strip ReMix) – The Hunger
Media Prayer – Neuroactive
Central State Institute – Rhys Fulber
Nano (Jan Ehret Remix) – Reakton
Industrial Evolution ([X]-Rx Rmx) – SynthAttack
Tessera – NeuroWulf
Why Can’t I Be Free (Stahlschlag Remix) – Orrphoiz
Saturday Night Cleaver (Remix By The Gothsicles) – Pitch Black Manor

Raus! (Herzfelde) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Mixcloud Xtra!

Here in the Dark – Shiv-R
Bleeding in Her Nightmare – Third Realm
Poltergeist – Toal
Something Deep Inside – Cima Muta
Das Böse (Transformed) – Musicum Theatrum
Slavic Witch – Agnis
Straight To Hell (Grendel Remix) – SynthAttack
Sadizm (English Version) – Omnimar
Shaman (Pump My Witch Mix) – Suppressor
Zeitgeist (Centhron Remix) – Devil-M
Nobody Home – Blackbook
Lucid Dreams – Ashes’n’android
Seeds of the Evil – T3rr0r 3rr0r
Welcome to hell – Pzytechz
Inferno – Antibody
Open Minded – MoonScar
Dark World (X-Fusion Remix) – Binary Division
Follow The Soulless – Extize
The Vampire of Heidelberg – Basszilla
Kieferstampf – Orrphoiz
Dance of the Profane – DJversion666
On the Other Side (Remixed by ES23) – System Noire