Tx Fused 21.44 (Xtra!)


Tomahawk Den – Eamon The Destroyer
Imagineering – Nightmares on Wax
Lamplig (Kid Steele Remix) – Uncle Kid
Depeche Mode Party (feat. Leaether Strip) – Retro Electro
Vivid Scene – Yota
Gary Numan (Pulses Remix) – Nostalgia Deathstar
Saturation – Acid Fader
Run – Helix
Day: One – The Joke Jay
Wish Yourself Away – Oui Plastique
The Word – Current One
Way of Work – Etage Neun
Shout It Out! – 1984
69 – Antilav
Puss In Space – Desastroes
Fire – Telekon
A Stranger Calls – BlakLight
Here Again – Ravenous
Omni-Coastal Logistic Solutions – Hello Meteor
Coming Home (feat. Helga Dyrfinna / Wort-Ton Remix) – Outsized
Now You See – Alangii
I Miss Your Love – PowerStateFailure
Make A Groove – Misano
Technicolor Lover – Romy
Mother Solitude (Club Mix) – Echoberyl
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Blue Sky Mix) – Dead or Alive
Magisterium (Radiance) – The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse
Taco Tuesday – Sega Lugosi
Simon (Dirty) – Simon Carter
Thoriumm – Eminent Sol
Loop (2020 Carebots Mix) – Maschine Brennt
Equilibrium – OBVRS
Breath of You (Go Fight Mix) – Sapphira Vee
Telefono – Las Eras
The State of You – Trellick
Dissociate (Qual Remix) – INVA//ID
The Brides of Chaos – mulpHia
Spectre (Dominatrix Remix) – Probe
Apocalypse – Rebel Empire
Proud To Be Nobody – Larva
I Will Not – Exo-Kult
Queens & Kings – Blind Delon
Antidoto – 89s† & Petra Flurr
Kunststoff – Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Robert Görl
Living on the Edge (Ellen Allien Remix) – Lebanon Hanover
Baptized in Fire – Disruption
Sin Piel – Absoluto

Get back – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer


I Don’t Rate You (Extnddntwrk Remix) – Sleaford Mods
Vandals Landing – DavaNtage
Neo Coven – Kofin
Wonk – Konvlikt
Streets of the Damned (Frozen Plasma Remix) – Rebirth
Sex, Drugs N’ Darksynth – Masked
Tenebrism – -ii-
Lost Times – Ships in the Night
1975 – TC75
Under The City (Illnurse Remix) – Rouge
The Right Father (Nature of Wires Remix) – SpankTheNun
Bleed Alone – De/Light Project
Tearing Me Apart (Technolorgy Remix) – J:dead
We Awful – Alessandro Nero
Off The Grid – IV Horsemen
Bloody Prophets – FleischKrieg
Lies (Noise Resistance Remix) – Subliminal Code
Reborn in Hell (KXK Remix) – Malerba