TFWP Tx 28th October 2016

Tx 161028Friday’s show was a blast. We had a three hour Hallowe’en Special (from 20.30-23.30 (UK BST)) with the studio fully loaded in terms of Halloween ghoulishness with cobwebs, skulls, heads, spiders, hanging witches and aliens.

It was only right, therefore, I should don a bit of fancy dress, so it was the ‘Jason’ mask (beneath which another skull type thing). I spent the first hour talking through two layers and wearing my spex on the outside – inside they’d steam up, though the regular plumes of smoke belching out of the machine in the studio didn’t help with my myopic disability. 😉

Baphomet was in residence also, overseeing the proceedings. He took the first shift then it was Cthulhu’s turn, just prior to our playing ‘Cthulhu Waits‘ by Uberbyte, it’s as though he had a hand in the programming of the show! 😮

We had a good few folk logged in to the chat room, with positive comments on the scene on the screen before them, and some good conversation about the tracks and the films we played samples from to enhance the show.

The only downside to the whole evening was striking the set after the show, or at least packing up the elements I’d brought it (smoke machine, green lights, LED candles, pumpkin, UV light, and not forgetting the overseers, Baphomet & Cthulhu. Depending on how the calendar pans out we’ll all three of us be ready to do it all again next year.

You can hear the show (again) here, the page also has the playlist.

This gives you an idea of what the studio looked like, decked out for Hallowe’en;