The Fused Wireless Programme is always open to receiving submissions for consideration for inclusion on the show, whether you’re an artist, project, label, distributor, plugger, etc., feel free to send your music in via email (fused AT

Preferable format is MP3 @ 320kbps (nothing less), or WAV/FLAC.

Please ensure the tags/metadata are completed – minimum of track title, artist name and album/release title, ideally genre and release date if not already out there.

Please do not send links to material that is not downloadable at the requested quality (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.).

Hard copies also welcome, discs, USB sticks, etc. Contact for address.

If you would like Fused to preview your music prior to release please be sure to submit it in plenty of time, otherwise we will attempt to play your submission ASAP.

If you wish to impose an embargo on early/pre-release submissions please make sure the earliest play date is clearly outlined.

Receipt of submission does not guarantee airplay, although we do try and play a selection that fits in to the Fused genre universe – if you’re not sure what genres we cover please take the time to listen to some of our archived shows, or review the playlists.

We welcome singles, EPs and albums. While we may only air one track from an EP or album at the time of submission, all tracks will be placed in the Fused archive and may appear on future shows (as well as when we play out at gigs, PAs, parties, festivals, etc.).

Please, respect your output, TAG your files and do not send low bitrate files that can limit the dynamic range, they will end up in the bin!

Please DO NOT use DROP TRACK – it has proven to be a pain in the arse since perpetual log in was introduced and, once logged in, invariably does not show the track.

As such we do not follow Drop Track links, sorry.