TFWP Tx 4th November 2016

Tx 161104

Last night we sat in for Keith W. on Globegig Radio as the §Wired§ überhost was elsewhere enjoying the sonic delights of Anathema. I say ‘sat in’ though to be more accurate most of the time I was standing in, literally standing as I’d determined to fanny about on the ‘decks’, as it were (although the reality being I use a ‘controller’ to play and mistreat digital files).

As a result The Fused Wireless Programme became deFused – as it does on these occasions when there’s little chat and more music in the mix, unmistakably so to anyone viewing via the studio webcam as I do a mix session (or attempt to do a mix session).

So last night’s show was just that, a mix of dark ambient, down tempo, drone, experimental, avant-garde, witch house, etc., loosely strung together by way of segueing and mixing, all independent electronic artist from various corners of the planet – here’s the playlist.

Anyhoo, bottom line is you can listen to the entire show here, or just the mix here.

Thanks for reading. 😉