Tx Fused 21.32


La Fin Des Temps – Tat
The Ones Who Walk Away – Unwoman
No More Calls – Fear Administration
Disconnect (Boo Remix) – Discothèque
Psychic Lovers – Glass Spells
Scent of Leather – Candy Whips
Welcome To Here (Russ Master) – D.D.Danahy
Given Time – Mind.Divided
Cause of Death – Ideophobia
Thorivos – Mechanimal
Electric Sleep – Year of the Fall
Solitude – Love + Revenge
Dangerous (Crooked Feelings Remix) – Hard Feelings
Mirai No Fanku – Shades of Thunder
Do You Believe In The Existence of Extraterrestrials? – Ari Mason
Head-on Collision – LorD and Master
Disco Fun – Milchomalefic
Disco Wedding – Your Funny Uncle
Escape Velocity – RE:Active
Decade (25th Anniversary) – Eminent Sol
Nightmares – BlakLight
What You Need (feat. Matina Sous Peau) – NTEIBINT
This Is The Only Way – Holon
Heart of Glass – Rino(IO)DJ & Nora Lisa
Poetry (Jay Hudson Remix) – Faithless
Gea – Erick T & Bernardo Basso
Hope On Bridgewater St. – Deadlife
Phuket Skyline – Digital Energy
Just Words (Alex Niggemann Remix) – KNTRL
See Me Fall (feat. Jennifer Lynn) – Access To Concrete
Lippen – Luca Draccar
Enchanted (Mario Kassar Remix) – Julia Bondar
Aint’ Messin’ – Prosdo
Zugang zu Informationen (Marquis Remix) – Kontrolle
The Reckoning – Angel of VIolence
Need You – Yacc & Cybernexi
Garde ta Distance (Mila Dietrich Remix) – Jørgen Thorvald & Marc Ayats
Right Father – SpankTheNun
Evolution Fails – Dizz D’Ark
Sombras (feat. Suzi Sabotage) – Das Leiden
Paranoia (FragileChild Club Mix) – Virtual Perish
Missing Link – Leæther Strip
Science Fiction (Thinktank Mix By Sawtooth) – Daddybear
Judgement Night – Ginger Snap5
American Psycho – Aesthetic Perfection

Država – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer