Tx Fused 21.37


Turkish Sword Swallower – Muslimgauze
Kenka – Dead Royalty & Lazerpunk & Tokyo Rose
Ibisco – Talk To Her
O Captain, My Captain – Obsession of Time
Reset – BlakLight
You’re An Icon – Mindmodvl
Last Procedure – Blueforge
Better Than This (feat Lady Bnow) – Nature of Wires
I Know There’s Something Going On (Lifelong Corporation Synth Mix) – Frida Harnesk
Predator – Danny Blu
This Journey Sets You Free – Orgonetic
Magazine – CrackDown
Time Will Tell – The Sere
Demain – Fasme
Unraveled – Zanias
Lost Souls (Mesh Remix) – NiTE
The Conversation (Emperor Machine Dub Vocal) – Museum of Love
Different Face – China-Touch
Orange Sky – Fluxion
Unsure (Hifi Sean Electro Flux) – Alien
Bomboro – Broz Rodriguez, MichaelBM, Franklyn Brooks
Handsome (Mosaic Remix) – Camouflage
Changes – Froyke
Timetrax (4×4 Mix) – Audioglider, Mat Mckenzie
Celebrate the Night – DJ Spandex
Out the Picture (Driver405 Remix) – Trade Secrets
No Rhyme No Reason (‘Lectric Workers Dub Rework) – Atelier Folie
Goose – Daze Gates
Dark Planet – Cutoff:Sky
Nano – Reakton
Bullets – Christoph Schauer + Max Filges
Data – Matter
Tokko – T.D.D
C├íllate a la Verga – Narcoxia
The Other Side of Hell (SIN DNA Remix) – Viscera Drip
Radium Girls – Victorian Death Photos
Plot Twist – FragileChild
Lydia For Frankie (Toxic Industry “Cursed Remix”) – Cirque D’ Ess
Wrapped In Leather (Grendel Remix) – Red-Meat
1971 Punishments – Crystal Geometry
Fantasy Land (Curses Remix) – Randolph & Mortimer
Don’t Pretend, Don’t Repent – Meshes
Stockholm Soul – T.G.T.B.
The Enemy Is Their Tyranny – Alessandro Nero

Smrt Za Smrt – Noctiferia
Fireball – Don Spencer