Tx 28th September 2017

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Published on: 28/09/2017


La Fite – David Dundas
Ode To A Blunt – Men With Sticks
Rollercoaster – The Grid
The Conqueror – Jaz Coleman & Anne Dudley
The Love Song (Bon Harris Remix) – Marilyn Manson

Working In The Coalmine – Devo
Prince Charming – Adam Ant
Eve of Destruction – The Dickies
J.F.K.’s Memory – Don Drummond (& The Skatalites)
I Won’t Let You Down – Ph.D.
Blue (Searching) – Erasure
Cars – Gary Numan

The Letter – Gomez Presley
Wires & Lights in a Box – HPK
Five More Minutes – VulpineSmile
There Is A Riot Going On – Implant
Mad as Hell – SAM
Volcano (Vainerz Hungary Remix) – Vainerz
I Feel You – Mono Inc
Against All Odds – Wynardtage
Sieged – Culture Kultur

Herzfeld – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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