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Published on: 19/01/2018



Elmet By Moonlight – Jumble Hole Clough
The Mean Streets of Birkenhead – Jumble Hole Clough
Happy People Have No Stories – Jumble Hole Clough
Oxygen II (Jean-Michel Jarre Cover) – Leaether Strip
Free Land – FvM
Tomb Raider – Myxed Up
Electricladyboyland (Mangabros Krautische RDX), feat. I, Symptom – Mangabros vs I, Symptom
Pump Up The Jam – Klack
Beast of Burden (Autoclav V1.1 mix) – Attrition
Anagnorisis – Tim Tama
No Day – Deadlights – Black Marine
Unspecified Event Log – M‡яc▲ll▲
Les contes des cordes – Suubsonq
With You – XLR:840
Shallow Under Skin – Dicepeople x Moi Saint
Vertigo – Nicky Boy Floyd
Parasitic killing Machine – Norman Sane
Pretty Deep Baby – dyLAB
Running Through a Field of Wheat (POS Remix) – Leg Puppy
Love Makes People Stupid (Technolorgy Remix) – Junksista
Engaged And Confused – Horskh

First TV Generation – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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