Tx 19th July 2018

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Published on: 19/07/2018


Xuus – Archer Research Station
Disembodied – S S S S
Landing – Visitor
Ocean (Feat. Dave Gahan) – Goldfrapp
HereAfter (Fused Oil Tank Club Mix) – Sombre Moon
Alles (Red Axes Remix) – Perel
Warm Leatherette – Terence Fixmer
Night Before Summer – XLR:840
Frontiers (Sight of Sound Remix) – Cosmic Armchair
American Carrion – Caustic
Void – Dicepeople
Parhautta – Beevil & Evil Doom Workshop ft. Miel Noir & TFG (TONTTU)
Pish Posh – Mr. Bill & of The Trees
Dudnik – Lity Taler
Architects of Death (Rabbit Junk Mix) – Amelia Arsenic
All is War (feat. Andrew Lent) – Textbeak
Shelob (Olēka Remix) – Marion Cobretti
Shallow Figures – Birth Defect (A)
Puppet Factory – Putashriek
Mutter Teresa (SMD-Version) – SadoSato
Silent Morning (Aeon Rings Remix) – Coldkill vs Kant Kino

Trans-national – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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