Tx 22nd November 2018

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Published on: 22/11/2018


A Thanksgiving Prayer – William S. Burroughs

Take My Breath Away – Berlin
Jaz Protestiram – Borghesia
Blurred Allegiances – British Experimental Rocket Group
Stars And Scars (Skinbag Jones Remix) – Shiny Darkness
Brave New World – Amorphous feat. Torsykes
Turn Black (Mark Reeder’s Back To Black Remix) – Stolen
Nocturne – Oleg Xaler
Serial Killers Don’t Kill Their Boyfriend – Front 242
Into The Lebanon – The Thought Criminals
Nothing Is Everything – Salt
Breathe (Zed’s Dead Remix) – Prodigy
Construction Crew (Night Shift Version) – The Silent Service
Stalker – Inari Alchemist
SOS Overdose (Bak XIII Remix) – Psy’Aviah
Lucifer Told Me… (DMT Berzerk Remix) – SFX DJ
Mohammed Bin Salman (Tegeler Mix) – Exterminador
Der Neue Held – Hypnoskull
Assassin Sans Cible – Mab
Skoningslös – Arvsynd
Priest (Come To Dad Mix) – Pecadores

Lonely Goatherd- Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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