Tx Fused 19.22

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Published on: 30/05/2019


Megablast – Bomb The Bass
Tanz In Den Tod (Dancefloor Version) – Kelpy
[Assault on Precinct 13 (Theme) – John Carpenter]
Human Nature (Ra Hen Remix) – Nature of Wires
Night City – Italoconnection
Ingen (Freundschaft Remix) – Lonnkrog
Watch Them Drown (Summer Lake Remix) – Tactile Frequency
Dream Palace – Costume
[Cold Song – Klaus Nomi]
A Song for the Lonely – Boytronic
Monsters (Uncreated Remix) – Train To Spain
We Came In Peace (Extended Remix) – Normoria
Chasm (Original Mix) – Rave Syndicate
The Sooner the Better (Ploki Remix) – Torul
Sacrifice – Minuit Machine
Hamburg (Speicherstadt Remix) – State of The Nation
Molotov Cocktease – Frankie Machina
Lemon Haze – BRAIS
Just For One Kiss – My Love Kills
Countdown – Ansgar Stock
Plain – Six Faces
Pipeline Screaming (Zar Remix) – Rude Audio
Dummare Och Dummare – Syntet
Sturmlicht (Ruined Conflict Remix) – [:SITD:]
One Force (Intro) – SynthAttack
Join Us (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) – SynthAttack
No Man Covers (Neustrohs Remix) – Accessory
Spiritualist (ft.Antibiosis) [EC] Remix – Poizon Party IV
Fehlermeldung – A Spell Inside
Friends (Tolchock Remix) – The Livelong June
Bowie In Harmony – Ellen Allien

Delo In Disciplina – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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