Tx Fused 19.25

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Published on: 20/06/2019


Star Trek Main Theme Dub – Black Market
Urban Tapeworm – Philipp Münch
Electric Man – Boy Says No
The Living Pain – Erotic Elk
Back in Time (Fused Nodisco Radio Edit) – Buzzing Sound Candy
In the Distance – Fourth Engine
Electro Pop – Munich Syndrome
Couldn’t We (Darwinmcd Remix) – MDA
Fly On The Windscreen (Quiet Mix) – Depeche Mode
So Wrong – ReveLever
Don’t Fuck With My Money – Mystery Skulls
Get A Load of This Guy – Spray
In My Mind (feat. Alex Parker, Olivia Addams) – Jealous Friend
Midnight (Redux 2 version) (Nature of Wires Remix) – LorD and Master
Imaginary Landscape – John Cage
Bacchanale – Vangelis
You (East End Fabrique Mix) – Sea of Sin
The Sceptic – Fïx8:sed8
Tasting Static – Panther Modern
Shame – Nature of Wires
Ship of Fools – Accessory
Lucy’s Comeback – Identified Patient
Trivial – Principal Uno
Hypocracy – V.X.D.
Tidal (Panic Lift Mix) – Silver Walks
A Texas Dream – Henric de la Cour
Surrender (Jennifer Cardini Remix) – Curses
Crown of Clowns – JK Flesh
Lucifer Song [TEZTRACK 1.0] – K★141
Hellfire – Kirlian Camera
Oceans of Time – Cygnosic
Cybergötter – The Cyberfreaks
Blutgott – Arise-X
Harbinger – PreEmptive Strike 0.1
Torsion Elect – Klaska
Caves (2015 Mix) – Monolith
In My Aurora (Aesthetische Uplifting Mix) – Aesthetische feat. Noemi Aurora
Commander – Evo-Lution
No Compromise – Stoppenberg
Kaskade – Ghostek
Life On Mars – Black Market

Tanz Mit Laibach – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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