Tx Fused 19.30

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Published on: 25/07/2019


Cafe De La Jungle – Telex
Continued In Colour – Art of Noise
Einstein A Go-Go – Landscape
4M – Fad Gadget
Metal Sheet – Second Layer
I’ve Seen The Word – Blancmange
Swing-Shift (flexi-version) – Nash the Slash

All The Love (feat Ieva) – Xeresa
Vanity, Poverty, Revenge (Spatial Awareness Back To The Ghetto Remix) – Punx Soundcheck and Marc Almond
Sarajevo – Acid Fader
Closer – Forhill
Weekender (The New Division Remix) – Synesthete
Secret Oktober (feat. Shannon Maree) – ReveLever
Sounds Like An Anthem – Lola Dutronic
Give It Up (Dicepeople Remix) – Down From Above
Exploration Preparations – Grey Falcon
To The Moon and Back (Apollo 11 Mix) – Andy Hagerty
Switchbox (Vicious Pink Goo Remix) – Rosa Klebb
Superstylin’ (GA21) – Groove Armada
Automatic Love – Echo Machine
Stellar – Motor!k
Feel Me – EmT
I Wonder – The Box Pattern
Electra Complex – Levinsky
Border of Mexico – Mutellat
A Madman’s Lullaby – Requiem Rust
Believe in Me [We are ONE] – Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Teeth (Intro) – Requiem Rust
Teeth – Working Men’s Club
Hey You – Frisky Monkey & Bettogh
Fascination – The New Division
Seed of Evil – Black Needle Noise with Lapdance [Disco Scum Mix by To The Ground] – Lights Out, God Help Me
Drug War – Consumer Junk
Spoiler Alert…You’re Dead – Mode Alone
Tight Bite (Uninc & Kolomensky Remix) – Andreas Rund
Momentum – Caboan
Unmask The Menace – Exemia
Bring The Noize – VTSS
The Elevator (Skober Remix) – Hartojo
Vast As Black Night – Velvet May
Psychonaut – Hocico
Rotten Flesh (Pride And Fall Remix) – C-Lekktor

Beyond Death – 300.000 V.K.
Fireball – Don Spencer

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