Tx Fused 20.04

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Published on: 23/01/2020


Things To Come – Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons
Network – Angeltheory
Plastic Surprise Box – Gina X Performance
Alptraum – Oberer Totpunkt
Mount Fuji – Jonteknik
Everything Comes Back To You – Jigsaw Sequence
Negde Neko – Sixth June
How To Save A Dead Man From Dying – Debby Grupp
Falling Apart – Into the Blood
Obscene – Gore Gloss
Desolation – Amper Clap
Das Ist Nicht Das Ende Baby – 2raumwohnung
Happenstance – Synesthete
Glossophobia – Tenedle
The Crush – Fixmer / McCarthy
No Regrets (The Friend Pt.2) (Dubfire Remix) – Chris Liebing
Meteor (Part1) – Hypnotica
The Hunger – Technobeton
Plastic Men – Francois Dillinger
Estructuras – Carlos Sicrock
Bye Bye (Chubz & Nukem x Nathan Paul Remix) – Savanna
Electric Eye (Mathey B) – Steven Jones & Logan Sky
Power Is Taken (feat. D.H. Peligro) – Moby
Keep On Holding (feat. Jan Burton) – Gabriel & Dresden
Rock To The Rhythm – ROMBE4T
Our Story (feat. Xavier Morales) – Croona
Being Boiled – tEaR!doWn
Zondag Is Oorlog – Pantser Fabriek
Firing Rate 2.0 – Chrome Corpse
The Battle At Mackov Kamen – Zeitkratzer/ Svetlana Spajic / Dragana Tomic / Obrad Milic
White Bathrobes – Gegen Mann
Præll – Hatari
A Minute After Midnight – Dezolator
Arrasadora Utopia – Reka X Imperial Black Unit
Bonus Crack – Stahlgeist
Achtung! (Cervello Elettronico Remix) – Terrorfakt
Higher Levels – Mind Settings
Sin City Slam (Empirion Remix) – Leeroy Thornhill
The Edge (Industrial Mix) – Simplefixty
Staring at the Face of the Gods – Clockwork Echo
Stone in the Sky – Miseria Ultima
Hit Me Hard (Club Mix) – Noisuf-X

Die Grösste Kraft – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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