Tx Fused 20.11

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Published on: 12/03/2020


Blackstar – David Bowie
The Morning After – Reyko
You Only Live Twice – Damsel in the Dollhouse
Scorpio – Lizette Lizette
Inamorata – DepthCruiser
Oscar’s Walk – Omar Dahl
Theme From The Persuaders – Pulselovers
I Came Here For You – Death Loves Veronica
Do It Like This – Orthy
It Hurts (feat. Jo Wedin) – Telepopmusik
Famous Monsters – Chromatics
Crash Test – Severe Illusion
Automatic Love – Echo Machine
Symbiotic Creatures – Siamgda
The Stranger (feat. Faltenhall – Gnoh-Sys Variant) – Projekt Ich
Relatively Safe Horseback Riding – Tonarunur
Ida (Cary Crank Remix) – Soolver
Tutan Jamon (1001 Nights Instrumental Version) – Franz Matthews & Local Suicide
TV News (feat Kay Burden – Mystic Experience Remix) – Stereo In Solo
Decade Apart (Actors Remix) – Antipole
Going Up (With The Help of a Piano) – Warwick
All You Can Eat (Ant People Remix) – Boytronic
Fetish (Mechanamix) – Neuropa
Run Run Run (Mollono.Bass Remix) – Yeah But No
Itchy Sounds – Octolab
Rewind – 580 Miles
Cash and Move – Velvet Kills
Afterglow (Es23 Remix) – Alphamay
Health (Device Not Ready Remix) – Chorea Minor
Sputnik – Dezolator
New York – Die Krupps
Destroyer (Matt Hart Remix) – Dicepeople
Dios Vuelto Miseria – Amduscia
Tanzmusik Und Pastis (Mashup-Mix) – Massiv in Mensch / Patenbrigade: Wolff
At the End of All Things – Pete Crane
Derailed Train – Simplefixty
Empty Shell – Minuit Machine
Occupied Territories – Crystal Geometry
The Stranger feat. Faltenhall (Base Experience Club RecConstruction Instrumental Remix) – Projekt Ich

Message From The Black Star – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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