Fused ‘Out of Hours’ 200522

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Published on: 23/05/2020

World Goth Day


Ignition – Krypteria
Werben – ASP
Banish – L’Ame Immortelle
Stories – Mildreda
Downstairs – Necro Facility
Silent Submission (Remixed by Die Rostigen Löffel Feat. W. Thums) – Human Decay
You Wish Me Dead Get In Line – Alien Vampires
… Between The Strophes – Distorted World
Karma Inn – Merciful Nuns
The Girl Who Dances Alone in the Disco (feat. Tying Tiffany) – Spiral69
Illuminate – The Garden of Delight
Absence (Promo Version) – Last Dusk
Homicide – Suicide Inside
This Is Invasion – Seraphim System
The Whole Universe (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Soulimage
Zwölf – Anthracitic Moths
Gravy Train – LQR
Der Mond – Deichkind
The Temple of The Thorn – Mono Inc.
Vabados – Grex Confusus
Quicksand – Angels on Acid
Blood On The Carpet – Rossetti’s Compass
Survivor – Dismantled
Voorhees – Toxic Green
Freakshow (Psionic-Remix) – Project Rotten
Free Your Hate – KMFDM
Welcome to the End – The Prayer
Dissapointed – Nova-Spes
Die schwarze Szene (feat. Lovecraft) – LaUD23
My Darling Bullet – Freakangel
Sold – Mono Chrome
This World – Disorder
All About You – Antythesys
Berlin – Substaat
Final Destination (Emergency Warp Mix) – Psyche
Mistakes – Red Sun Revival

Fireball – Don Spencer

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