Tx Fused 20.27


Kali Yuga Ueber Alles – Rome
Kala – Danheim
The Repossession of Bunny Singers – Aging Children
Arsenal 2-2 Sunderland – Leg Puppy
Temperature Drop – Stephen Mallinder
Swimming into the Dark – Widdendream
Use Your Imagination – Matrix Div
Lost it All (feat. Shannon Maree) – ReveLever
Just To See You – Chapel Nights
Time Will Tell – Jigsaw Sequence
Inside – BlueForge
So Typical (Julia Bondar Remix) – Fragrance
We Knew You When – System Syn
Electromagnetic Fields – Kosmonaute
Roland System 100M – Synthetic Machines
We – Nius X
Glycine (Nö Remix) – Rue Oberkampf
No Borders (feat Howie B) – Warriors of the Dystotheque
Losing You – Daniel Hall
Night Is Gone (Michael Glitterati-1986-Discoteca-Extended Tapemaster) – Jamie Jamal
Light of the World (Mark Reeder’s Illuminating Mix) – Birmingham Electric
Out – Melllo & Nikonn
Disco Cassette – Blank & Jones
Slow Down (Calum Ayse Remix) – Into the Blood
Tokio – Rodrics
How I Do It – Crystal
Heed – MPathy
1 to 100 – Fresh Eagle
Geniality – Trepanic
Smokescreen – Jeff Appleton
Crashing Down – Oleg Xaler Presents: Neon Movement
The Night Is Mine (Eisfabrik Remix) – Mental Exile
Sharpening The Axe – Emergency Sequence
Evil Wins Anyway – Speed Injektion
Illusion of Control (feat. Aura Shred) – The Anix
Lune (DiarBlack Remix) – 0Kontrol
Psycho Holiday (Ideophobia Remix) – Minusheart
Nödsignal – Arvsynd
M2S – Kusp (UK)
Dying Light – Ruined Conflict
Get Informed – Wiegand
Darkness (Out Out vs. Stoneburner Rework) – Ego Likeness
Create Yourself (Ext Version 2020) – Marco Gahrig (Illusion of Light)
Living On Video (feat. Bridgette Hill) – Blue Ant
Instinct – MERVH
Taste The Rain (Instrumental) – Desastroes
Erickson (Electric Rescue Remix) – Cri Du Coeur
Police Brutality (Dkag Remix) – Antibody

Contrapunctus 1 – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer