Tx Fused 20.31


Sad That I Left – Little Warrior
Hurry Up to Love Here – Covered in Snow
She’s Glass – Alien Skin
To Hell and Back – The Frixion
Perfect Boy – FOCO
Hearts Turn Dark – Provision
Apps & Drones – Ditsea Yella
They Shout (Restriction 9 Remix) – Minusheart
In My Sleep (feat. Last Dancer) – Sister Electra
Black Skies – Honey Beard
Into the Unknown – Clan of Xymox
Linger (Rebar Bar-bar mix) – Sombre Moon
Crash (Electrocurated Heavenly Mix) – Eric C. Powell
Monotoni – Syntet
ECO-Unfriendly – More
Dream Warriors (’20 Mix) – Taurus 1984
Love & Unity – Kid Moxie
Emotional Charge (Gus Bonani Remix) – Pilar Molinero
World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy) – Depeche Mode
Diamond Dildo (feat. Melanie Jade / DJ MIX) – Miss Ballistic
NOTDF (Nip on the Dancefloor) – Le Fomo
No Mellow – Oxxid
808 Bit (Zone Tripper Remix) – Fairlight Children
Memories of Madrid – Soul Alt Delete
Pre-Recorded Set – Armi Diamonds
Magic – Toal
Hit & Run – Dart
Bubble (Mr.Kitty Remix) – Danny Blu
Turning – Technogenetica
N P C T V – Art Imitation
Reglos – HKKPTR
High Voltage (Asdean remix) – Nexus VI
Insanity – In Absentia
No Pain – Nova State Machine
Conceived In Sin (Epilepsy Morbid Rotten Remix) – Ethseq
Circadia – NULL404
Mute Yourself (Sawtooth’s Imminent Overload Mix) – Slighter
Side Effect – ElektroTerapi
Right Here, Right Now – Division Fledermaus
Funny (Re:Joked) – Areal Kollen
Pulsatilla (Electro Remix) – Boxedge
Urban Witches – Ginger Snap5
Satan Is the DJ – Die System

We Are Creating The Future – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer