Tx Fused 20.33

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Published on: 13/08/2020


TNG Theme Dub – Black Market & Wise Owl
Hugging Strangers – Art of Empathy
Circuits Collide (Mr.Kitty Remix) – The Secret Light
Tiny Anchor – Le Fomo
Embrace – Fatigue
Park Ave – Katzù Oso
Rose Absolute – Sex Park
Revolving Doors (Michael Glitterati Remix) – Bunny X
When The Sky Falls Down (Darwinmcd Remix) – Matthias & Marss
Lowborn & Stargazing – The Gorstey Lea Street Choir
Sexy Silly Girl (feat. Stereo In Solo / Madbello Remix II) – Projekt Ich
I’d Rather Live With Ghosts – Lost Outrider
Never Let Me Go (Metropolis Edit Mix) – Fused
Vampire Town (Papertwin Remix) – Empathy Test
Recognise – LAU
Silver Surfer (Afro Mix) – The Deep
Pay Me – Big Miz
Balance (Equilibrium Remix By Jeff Appleton) – Blueonsilver
Out of Sight – Yello
Drifting off the Grid – Pyrame
You Stole My Heart (Comfortable Couch) – Caboan
Cross My Heart (ES23 Remix) – God Module
Mile – Wisdom Water
Meine helle Liebe (feat Leila Venus) – Boy 83
Trueno – Rodrics
Birba – Luca Draccar
Campanian – Tuomas Rantanen
In the Clouds – 2Causalities
Penny in Paris – Barry Gray
Eat Their Young (feat Caitlin (Corlyx)) – ESA
I Hope I Die – Grandchaos
Somni – Carlos Sicrock
Pseudo-Halluzinogene Psyche – Strobo.Lolita
Covid-666 – Hell:Sector
Caninvs-Mechanicvs-Gnomecvs / Part II – NYT – feat TFG (Tonttu) – Machine Animal
Battery – Kevin Lux
When I’m Gone (Solitary Experiments Remix) – ES23
Hell Is Up – Filmmaker
Safety Guide – Strong Product
Prediger – Proyecto Mirage
Alexanderplatz – Mist3rfly
Neurologist – Soman
Renaissance – Chris Keya
Soul of Rage – Celic
Ne Prekrashchay Tantsevat’ – Ah Cama-Sotz

Expectans Expectavos – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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