Tx Fused 20.34

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Published on: 20/08/2020


Nancy and Lee (Vogued / feat. Issie Armstrong) – The Golden Dregs
Sundown, Sundown – Nancy Sinatra (feat. Lee Hazlewood)
Death Becomes More Certain – JB Nelson
The Use of My Belonging – Tempers
Devouring Me – MARY
Wings – Gentleman Junkie
Things I Once Knew – Pierre Omer And The Nightcruisers
In Those Eyes – Perpacity
Panther Moderns – Vampire Disco Club
Elastic (feat David Vaughan) – The Truth Sounds Different
Emotion – Volker Milch
Happiness – Jigsaw Sequence
Suitomoton – Brutalist Architecture in the Sun
Bronze Remix – Fire Sign
Mirror (Shout) [feat. Hunz] – Dryve
Cry, Cry, Cry (feat. Roi) – The Frixion
Tear Me To Pieces (Technopop Instrumental Mix) – Fused
Slice Me Nice (Italoconnection Mix) – Nine Seconds
Unnoticed (Robert Parker Remix) – NINA
All I Want (Is Everything) (feat. Luxxury) – Kid Moxie
Melted (Andrew Gabriel Remix) – Lady bNOW
Empowered – Croc Shop
Moons of Jupiter (Rework Club Mix) – Shewu
Valleys (feat David Vaughan / Graham Massey Mix) – Working Men’s Club
Jingo – Candido
Jingo (U.K. House Mix) – Jellybean
Jingo – 236
Jingo – Heimstatt Yipotash
Monsters (Mystic Experience Club Remix) – Train To Spain
Abyss (Blind Delon Remix) – Melting Palms
Stigmatic – Ramkka
Follow Me (Thomas Schumacher Remix) – Jam & Spoon
Anything Wrong (Original Mix) – Nord & Dahl
Ortus – Machina X
Flagrance – Madjack
I Surrender – The Quilz
266 (Le French Pope AKA Mix) – Leg Puppy
Covenant (Max Brhon Remix) – Lazerpunk
Falls Through the Light – Kim Lunner
Hunter – Suffer Ring
Negative Resolutions (Rotersand Rework) – Nature of Wires
Contradiction – In Good Faith
Internal – Carved Souls
New God – London Sadness
It’s More Fun to Compute (Meibe Edit) – Kraftwerk
Enter the Animal (C-Lekktor Remix) – Biomechanimal
Birds of Prey – Strikkland
Johnny and Mary – Black Marble
Nähe Und Distanz – Christian Kneisel
Krank krank – Tension Control

In The Army Now – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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