Tx Fused 20.35

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Published on: 27/08/2020


Contaminated Sounds – Yellow Salamand’r
The Fates – Seeming
Om Nama Shivaya (Rude Audio Fresh Remix) – Dan Wainwright
Ostseekind (SynthPop-Mix) – Kontrast
Last One Standing (Beborn Beton RMX) – Highersense
Echoes – Roosevelt
Rather Be (Mind Machine Remix) – Dark-o-matic
Tons of Steel – Avantgarde
Noir Disco – LaMee
No Point in Tripping – Erasure
The Truth – I Like Trains
Gravity X (1i2c Remix) – Leg Puppy
Tom’s Blessing – Benjamin Digby
1999 (Turbobeat Version) – X-Perience
So Afraid (Plastic Plates Remix / ft. Alex Metric) – Amtrac
Just To Touch Her (JMC Remix). – Discoscuro
In Parallel I (Meeting Parallel Rework By CNCPT) – Emika & Paul Frick
Sarcoline – 1i2c
Taking the Space – Echoberyl
Together It’s All (2020) – Silicodisco
There Is Nothing Wrong About The Bassline (feat Anja Maj) – Into The Blood
We Don’t Care (ES23 Remix) – Eisfabrik
Lucid – Siddhartha Says
Love & Hate (feat Yona Kira) – Dance My Darling
Habeas Corpus – Ari Mason
First Class Bitch – Confidence Man
Isolation – BlakLight
Reason – ElektroTerapi
Amnesia Dub – KMFDM
Compound – Konkurs
Cyber Industrial Revolution (V.2018) – Binary Division
Satiation – Meshes
Raya España 21 – Flash Zero
What Is Love – Pandoria
Train (All The Ashes Club Mix) – 5TimesZero
Straight Outta 65 – Disguised
Limitless – Rein
Reacción (TourdeForce Remix) – Resistor
Guess Wat – Black Elektronika
Time to Go Home – Dupont
Running With The Wolves – Julia Bondar
Ljudi cudnog izgleda i vrlo duge brade – Transponder
Amdusias – Danny Blu
The Death of Love – Zero Corporation
Machines – Audiowavez

Eurovision (Torul Remix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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