Tx Fused 20.38

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Published on: 17/09/2020


Berichten En Berechten – Logos
Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs – Raligator
Art of Life – Michelle Gurevich
Nothing Is As Healing As The Human Touch – Karpov Not Kasparov
Berlin – A Certain Ratio
Swallow Me Whole – Le Fomo
Opaque – The Alien Cormorant and Gold Mass
Kaiju Rush Attack – Xennon
Entropy – Linea Aspera
Harder Than You Hit – Matthias & Marss
Broken (feat. Stephen Newton / Split Mix) – City of Stars
Turn Back Time – Sea of Sin
The Bedside Table (feat. Andrea Powell) – Eric C. Powell
Beyond The Hills (Pulsing Blood) – DavaNtage
Under the Gun – Violent Vickie
Soul Riser (Tin Gun Weekender Remix – Vocal Version) – The Stir Fry Pop Star
Now Forever (Pleiadi Remix) – Cobalto
Noir – Yelle
Stop (CPX Remix feat. Klaudia Pasieczny) – Punx Soundcheck
Eternal Inflation (Polly Has Gone Too) – Caboan
The Colonel – Mason
Tango Del Fuego (feat. Georgia Gibbs) – Parov Stelar
El Jarabe Tapatio – Broz Rodriguez
Orientalism – Mooh & Z181R
Tears of Pearls – Wingtips
Berlin Girl (Iron Curtain – Fused Remix) – Jigsaw Sequence
100% Dynamite (Electronic Detonation Mix by Rich M Rich) – Lulubelle III
Conflict (Areal Kollen Mix) – The Azoic
Running from the Shadows – Deception
Nuclear Love (Narconic Remix) – Humans Can’t Reboot
Welcome, Apocalypse (Neuroactive Remix) – Assemblage 23
Never Settle – Luca Draccar
Global (feat Shane & Kayu) – Soman
Combusted – Heatsync
Wurmloch – Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx
Her Glance Alone Invests Us In A Robe of Light – Profit Prison
Burbuja De Cristal – Larva
Numbers Station – She’s Got Claws
Reject (feat. Stellar Dynamics) – Diverje
Postludium – Frank Tischer
Belief In Fairytales (Remix) – Simplefixty
Deine Liebe (Durchdringt Die Welten) – Haus Arafna
Modify – Wingz
Our Daily Guilt – Mirland/Larsen
God is Your Shield – Monolith
Binäre Schallinjektion – Kretz
Other Half (2020) – Martial Canterel
Down Race (12” Remix) – Aghast View
Für Dich (Remix 2.0 Version) – Re-Aktiv
Hass (Pantser Fabriek – EBM Club Mix) – Endzustand

Cari Amici Soldati – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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