Tx Fused 20.41

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Published on: 08/10/2020


Live It All My Way (feat John Lee Sanders) – Nashaat Salman
Grenadine (Curses Edit) – Transistorcake
Riders on the Storm – Frame of Mind
Last Year 2020 – Planet Neil
New Religion – Gryff
Disconnected From the Blush – Glass Apple Bonzai
Two Minute Warning – klack
Statues of Men – Analogue Electronic Whatever
Lost and Found – Jigsaw Sequence
These Special Times – Perpacity
No Computer – Kaleida
Never Been Missed (feat. Wollank) – Scheuber
Your Perfect Touch – The Stir Fry Pop Star
The Poets of Antiquity – SaD
Unknown Love – BlakLight
I’m Alright – Pseudo Echo
There Is No God – Delage
In the Silence (Retro Mix) – Death Loves Veronica
Stones Gone Up – Mellow Code
All Alone (feat. Shannon Maree) – ReveLever
Kamar (Sineu Remix) – Gobi Desert Collective
Steifer Vogel (Hackfreed Remix) – Utan Orang
Kiss Me Baby – Ladies On Mars
Parametric – Computer Data
Obsession – David Thompson
Film Noir Scandal (Matt Pop Scandalous Mix) – In Isolation
Everyday Nightmare – Train To Spain
Hang Up – Profligate
Razor (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) – St Lucifer
Vortex (Empirion Remix) – Cubanate
Shake ‘Em – Stahlschlag
Reflection – Josh Coakley
Nachtzug (Nachtmahr Remix) – Dunkelsucht
Dio – Soman
Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober (Solitary Experiments) / Blume Remix) – Uncreated
Motor Epilog – Reakton
Together Alone – X Marks The Pedwalk
Welcome To The Machine (Ultimate Soldier Mecha Mix) – Nova State Machine
Command Line Kill – Blue Stahli
Si jamais – Les Anges de la Nuit
Ignoranze – Terrolokaust
Metamorphosis – Corrosive Oscilator
Crystal – Portion Control
Starts To Fall – Kris Baha
And Then You Died – Blac Kolor
Bulletproof – Metakross

We Are Millions and Millions Are One (Konstantin Sibold Remix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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