Tx Fused 20.42

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Published on: 15/10/2020


Meltdown – Chris Polcyn
Faito – Alka
Passionate Reply (Steven Wilson Stereo Mix) – Ultravox
Turn Back Time (Mesh Remix) – Sea of Sin
Older (Revival Mix) – A Slice of Life
For Sure – Future Islands
Intelligent Design – Renard
Descent – Alex Vecchietti
Something In Me – Piston Damp
Conclusion – Parralox
Heaven Knows – Into the Blood
The Masquerade (feat Stephen Newton ) – Nature of Wires
Lustfire (Joone Remix) – Kat Koan
Poison (feat. Elektroterapi) – Diagnosis : Autopsychosis
And I Know (feat Andrea Powell) – Eric C. Powell
Memories (feat. digital Energy / BeyondBorder Remix) – Outsized
Silent Disco (dEk101 Remix) – LorD and Master
Come with Me (Heise Remix) – Digital Factor
Round & Round – Two Internet Ghosts
Seconds, Minutes & Hours – DJSHADOWKAT
Funny Treats (Stephan Zovsky Remix) – Get Well Soon
Die in the Disco – Night Club
The Watchman (Screamershocked) – Daniel Hall
Robot Heart (Velax Remix) – Arkademode & Barko
Under The Stars – The John Michie Collective
Replicantes – Geminis 2
The Beat Goes On – Nayio Bitz
Holy Hammer (Tweaker Mix) – Man 2.0 / Black Light Smoke
Spectres from the Black Moss – Ashbury Heights
A.I.C.Q.T.I.L. (English) – Dimitri Berzerk
Military Industrial Complex – Tobisonics
Coping Mechanism – Teknomakrus
Petition – Jed Rabid & TFG (TONTTU)
Regression To The Mean – The Mystic Underground
Life Is A Theater – Years of Denial
Slaves of System – Unconscious
Silent Visions (2020 Version) – Kontravoid
Pressure – Autumns
Exocet (AM39 Mix) – Hooverlordz
Reflex – Schwefelgelb
Dominated (SARIN Remix) – Blacksmith
The Host – Dead Lights
Suriv – Unhuman+Petra Flurr
Church of Lies (SARIN Remix) – Size Pier
Retox (Hydroxie Remix) – Reichsfeind
Dark Hearts (Blue Ant Remix) – T-Error Machinez
Rituel – She Past Away
Product – Egoist
Lass mich allein – Endzustand

Le Privilege Des Morts – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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