Tx Fused 21.27


The One With Gabriel In The Picture – Jean-Marc Lederman
Under the Cherry Moon – The Frixion
Pry Open (feat. Jan Revolution) – Beyond Border
Call of the Void – Pyra Night
Sous Les Étoiles (feat. Enlia) – Levinsky
Find You (feat. King Protea) – Signal Void
Luxury (Trevor Jackson Reproduction) – Raf Rundell
New Earth – Nuovo Testamento
What She Could Not Tell (Rotersand Remix) – Beat Noir Deluxe
Necessary (Caustic Remix) – Sapphira Vee
Mayor Antonov – Toxxic Project
Regret (2021) – Cawatana
Dancing on the Head of a Pin – Negative Response
When You Fall Down (Sketched By Hand Remix) – Positronic
No Comment – The Populists
Heartbox – Felix Marc
To the Moon and Back (N0_TiTLE Remix) – Purple Fog Side & Elsehow
Miracle – Benjamin Russell
Command – Lucia Cifarelli
The Crown – Sink Ya Teeth
Desert Rose (Jon.K Remix) – Sting
I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Yasha F Edit) – KISS
Alpha Boo – PowerStateFailure
Trick – Maschine Brennt
Isolate – Nactua
Suspiria On TV (feat. Eleonora Cardellini, Gianluca Divirgilio / Diego Burroni RMX) – Milano 84
The One (feat. Jamie Jamal) – Future Self
All Over The World (feat. Sebastian & The Dream / Analogue-X Inst. Remix) – Projekt Ich
Go-Away-Bird (Fakzility Remix) – The Gothsicles
Rain (feat. Helena Wigeborn) – Nórdika
Sex Robotik – Las Bibas & Julie Hicklin
Chip Stress 03 A – Erhalder
Insanity – Hante.
Renegades (N-Frequency Remix) – Mental Exile
Coherent (Poisonous Birds Remix) – Tayne
Pain And Adrenalin – Muta-Scum
Baader–Meinhof Wagen – Exferno
Der Elefantenmensch II – FabrikC
Pressure Inside – Digital Factor
android.exe – Forerunnerx
Love To Hate You – Strikkland
Lift Me Up – Synapsyche
Lock Down – Sylvie Maziarz
Slaughter – Cyberthing!
Hvoyda – Kurs Valüt

Jesus Christ Superstar (Random Logic Mix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer