Tx Fused 21.30


Le Cirque Noir – Inertia
No Gravity – Joe Matera
Lose My Mind – Paul Feder
Softboy Rabbithole – Reversels
The Ghosts In Empty House – Ritual’87
Derelict Skylines (Quarantined at SynthValley: The Live Studio Session) – PsyBorg Corp.
Empty Landscapes – Letten 94
Tomboymilk – Craig + Yikii
Vampires – The Midnight
Science of Sleep (feat. Jules) – Telegimnastika
I Cannot Say – Current One
Place Where I Belong (Studio Live) – Mental Discipline
Dove (with Choir Boy) – MNDR
The Wheel (Viktor Petrov Remix) – SOHN
Children – Ruined Conflict (Infacted Allstars)
Such A Liar – Somegirl
You Think You Know Her – Matt Mancid & Color Theory
Hand Grenade (feat. Mark Hockings / Detonate Remix by Richard Silverthorn) – Uncreated
Modus Operandi (Dek101 Mix) – LorD and Master
Sweet Disposition (MockBeat Remix) – Temper Trap
Do Yourself Some Good (Diplo Remix) – UNKLE
Borrowed Time (DJ Arturo Sanchez – 90s NYC House Remix) – Information_Age
We Should Be Dancing (PaperMacheTiger Vocal Mix) -The Frixion
Complicit (Static Logic Remix) – Slighter
Devoted – Cosmo Parisi
Forced Distance – Peppy Pep Pepper
Enter The Batcave (Juno Noel 90s Trance Mix) – Silent Flag
Zero Containment – Zwaremachine
CIA Music (Cinematic Industrial Abstract Music) – Project Overdose
Social Warfare – Faktion[22]
Pure Energy (Slow Mix) – Ethseq
Dystopic Illusions (Blind Denial Remix) – Seven Trees
In Your Shadow Jk Flesh Reshape – Godflesh
Nemesis (feat Lisa Anesi / Rroyce remix) – Beat Noir Deluxe
Minsk Maschinen (Live, LD2 Version) – Rhys Fulber
Europe – Maschine Brennt
Mandrill (Barker Remix) – Martin Gore
Rejection – Norderney
Here East – Zeroset
Tin Foil Hat – Outpost 11
Discipline – Elz and the Cult
Eaten By Monsters – Diverje
The End (Enraged) – Ionic Vision

Smrt Za Smrt (Octex Mix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer