Tx Fused 22.09 (Xtra!)


Weak – Wave In Head
Hooked Hacked Hijacked – Jessi Frey
The Station – Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell
We Need – Telefis
Afraid – (Mind Machine Remix) – Provision
The Dark – VHS Collection
Get Us To The Eurovison – Lola Dutronic
Shout It Out! (SCALA vs Metallwerk Remix) – 1984
Dreaming – Ludovico Technique
Nostalgia Machine – Soft Cell
Pictures In My Head (feat. Expreso Maniqui / madbello Remix) – Projekt Ich
From The Sky – Mesa & Boss
Digital Reality – Cutoff:Sky
Dos 2.0 – Jonteknik
Dancing with Dysphoria – A.S. Valentino
Beat Service – Kevin Lux
The Void – Code64
Fundamentals – Phraktal
Solstice – Alangii
Human Mind – TYTT
Need Your Love – Librae
Cicerone (The Khitrov & Margaryan Remix) – The Ataman
Subject – Phobos Reactor (feat. HCH & TFG (TONTTU))
Medusa – Czarina
Unborn – Stars Crusaders
Slow Death (feat. +d33b+) – Dedalos
Anachronist (feat. RNZR) – TeknoVore
Scars of the Broken – Dawn of Ashes
Exogenesis – Chaos Vector
Techno Spy (feat. Dome of The Darkness) – Cyberthing!
Shine – Kid Moxie
A March For Steel (Liebknecht Remix) – Veldt
Forming Matter (Blue Ant Remix) – BolPaVoX
Sigo Vivo (Mechanical Paradise Remix) – Shinigami IND
Soldier Zero – GEttNER
Demonic Pipeline – James Demon
We Remain Faithless – Scars Are Soulless
Mirror – Eisfabrik
Visible Imprint – Dust Devices
Der Kinderarzt – Zwe1händer
Soul Manager – Leaether Strip

N.A.T.O. – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Secrets of Russia (Red) – The Force Dimension

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Catacombs – GLYF
How To Surf A Huge Satanic Paranoia Wave – Amerantropoides
Introduction – Cold War Doctrine – Junta Cadre
22222 – Dental Drill Slips
Death Anxiety – Plague ’94
Made of Stars – Richard Evans
In The Dead of Night (DEK101 Mix) – The Gliding Faces
Life And Death – Metronomy
Rain Chain Temple – Sonic Area
Who Am I (pMad reMix) – pMad
Cause and Effect – Winter Severity Index
Others To Do Your Dirty Work – JK Flesh
New Era (Luca dell’Orso Remix) – Boys’ Shorts
Kick it – Miguel V, Bonhaus, Geru
Constant (The Hacker Remix) – Michael Zodorozny
Breaking Free – Mordacious
Don’t Fall – All Systems Out
Din Kniv Och Din Mun {Your Knife And Your Mouth} – Impulskontroll