Tx Fused 22.41


Tom Hark – Elias & His Zig Zag Jive Flutes
Tarzan’s Nuts – Madness
Krokodilo Theme – Cut Hands
Thunder In The Mountains – Toyah
Everything Is Connected – Blancmange
Midnight & Angel – Matte Blvck
The Cruel Sun – Mchy i Porosty
The Ghost – Waveshaper
Treason – The Teardrop Explodes
Spirit of Love – Kid Hyena
Daleko – Kiberspassk
Winterday (Allt Jag Fick Av Dig) – Saft
The Basement – Lifelong Corporation
The Cruelest Design – Unroyal
Edge of the City – Hatif
Lonely Like Me (Vanguard Remix) – Presence | of | Mind
Die Young (with Snowblood) – Danny Blu
Komm, Lass Uns Tanzen (Synthpopmix) – Superikone
Misunderstood – Dolva Sana
The Thin Wall (Steven Wilson Stereo Mix) – Ultravox
Be The Night – Current One
Multiple Realities – Tranquil
Deja Vu – Karma Coda
Nuance – Debbie Tebbs
Devoted (People Theatre Remix) – Disrupted Being
King Kong – RaDJax
Stalker (Pierre Berge-Cia Remix) – Nullstrahler
The Great Unknown (feat. Elena Fossi) – Solitary Experiments
The Hepcats Pyjamas – Tape Five
Mystery (feat. Steven Jones) – Rodrics
Politics – PJ Addinall
Flute Mimosa – Dante Klein
That Night In Brazil (feat Andy Bell & Boy George) – RSF
Berlin – Project 624
Innamorata Del Tuo Controllo – Dame Area
Eyes of Caligula (Choke Chain Remix) – Silver Walks
Xeno Queen (Alien) – Extize
No Principles, Destroy It – C4AT
Human Replacements – Maedon-X
Are You Ready For The Bass? (Nevel Remix) – C-Lekktor
Herbivor – MissSuicide
Purified by Fire – Ethseq
Cambodia (Talla 2XLC Vocal Mix) – Pulsedriver
One Night In Hackney – Dynamo City

Wienerblut – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer