Tx Fused 22.44 – Alt.Hallowe’en Special


The Hunters Prelude – Wojciech Kilar
Spooks, Specters & Ghosts (Intro) – Set
Ghosts On Photos – Huminoida
Nightclub Death_Devil – Cyberthing!
Vampires – Radiorama
Haunted Spaces – Blinky Blinky Computerband
Slavic Witch – Agnis
Crawling Out From Horror – Death Loves Veronica
Silent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror) – Echoberyl
Scared Half To Death (Advent Resilience Remix) – :Wumpscut:
A Deadly Show – Dekad
Shadow of Your Ghost (Menschdefekt Remix) – Lights of Euphoria
Haunted – Ludovico Technique
Afterlife Options Menu – Filmmaker
Nightmares (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) – BlakLight
The Second Witch – Apres La Nuit
Vampire Romance (Tr├╝mmerwelten Remix) – Blutengel
Enter the Twilight – Electro Spectre
Deadgirl – Technolorgy
Exorcise Your Ghosts – Claustraphobia
The Witching Hour (Moaan Exis Remix) – Simon Carter and Fabsi
Deadlink – Lazerpunk
Neon Ghost – Glenn Main
You Frighten – Eyeless In Gaza
Dead People – Chainreactor
Death Beat – Misanthropix
My Beautiful Witch – Blackbook
Vampire II – NNHMN
Halloween – Electro Fear
Perfect Death – Maduro
The Ring of Fire – Wojciech Kilar
The Horror I Have Become – Plague ’94
Ghost – Khmar
Witching Hour – Her Noise Is Violence
Witches of the Zodiac – Mordacious
Ghost in the Mirror – Stuka 696
Bell Witch (Cursed Land Mix) – Batavia
Ghosty – Ginger Snap5
How Many Graves? (Meshes Remix) – Qual
Horror TV – Kant Kino
Femboy Incubus (MissSuicide Remix) – Orrphoiz
The Dead Are Marching – Nano Infect
Telepathy With Dead Friends – Adam X
Living Dead – Noise Resistance
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things – Draven
Grave Party – Aesthetische
Something Free And Dead – First Aid 4 Souls
Evil is Good – Chamaeleon
Call of Death – Death Signals
Sermons To The Dead – Chaos Vector
Ghost In The Piano – Fear Incorporated

Vade Retro Satanas – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer