TFWP Tx 27th January 2017

Friday the 27th January 2017 was one week on from the inauguration of the 45th POTUS and in just seven days many feathers have been ruffled, one might even suggest that many feathers have been bonded with tar and attached to various people(s). It’s a new world, not sure how brave but a new world nonetheless.

Consequently Fused put aside the usual M.O. of ‘This Day In History’ for a wry and oft tongue on cheek selection of tracks prompted by the events of the week, indeed the events of the last 6-12 months on the other aise of the Atlantic.

As is my wont, and having been described as ‘subversive’ by the MOD no less, much of what we played cocked a snook at events with somewhat dark humour within which truth may lay.

You can listen again here.