Tx 26th May 2017



Doctorin’ The Tardis (Gary Glitter Mix) – The Timelords
Fever – Peggy Lee
Left To My Own Devices (Super Version) – Pet Shop Boys
Supernature – Massive Ego

Seven from the Double-O
Seven from the Double Oh! – John Barry
Let’s Dance (Master Chic Mix) – David Bowie
Sunday Girl (French Version) – Blondie
The Snake – Al Wilson
House of Fun – Madness
Paint It Black – The Mo-dettes
Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
Call Me (DJ Oleg Perets Remix) – Blondie

Selfie – Microchip Junky
Warning Signal – Lone Cosmonaut
Death of the Physical / Rise of the Spiritual – The Black Hundred
Hopesink – Jessica Pink
Ancient Caves – WarpCensor
Nothing New (Q-Mix) – MachineSoldier
The Happy Side of Attenuation Circuit – Toxic Chicken
Dance of Illusions – Vernian Process
Eyes of An Angel – XLR:840
DJ Tutorial – Stoppenberg
Future Warfare – Taro Division
2019 РSțrsignal 3
Stripped (Highland Mix) – Depeche Mode

Geburt Einer Nation – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer