Tx 30th December 2016


Blithering Idiot – Annie & The Station Orchestra
Tahiik – Harold Nono
Echos – Mental Escape Pod
Theme (Qixoni Remix) – Sergeant Sawtooth
Wave Igniter (Microchip Junky’s Most Amazing Signal) – Ghostlike
Are You Scared? – Norman Sane
Dance of the Aliens – Illustrial
The Terminal Man – MANGABROS™
All Around The World – Andrulian
Ikigai – The Black Hundred
Sunnyside Remix – Senji Niban
Off Kilter – Microchip Junky
With Ears That See – Occult Science Foundation
Dark Moon – Kai Nobuko
Escape Again – Edouard Trolliet
Bloodtape – sp3ct3rs
AKG – Jeff Appleton
Church of Love – Lazlo Kovaks
I Am Naked First – Warpcensor
Pins of White on the Shroud – Keldari Station
Vandal – The Moth Poets
War Harmony – Walter Fini
Report and Control – British Experimental Rocket Group
Rhetorical Question – Blofeld’s Venom
Spirit of the Underground (Blackfriars to Cannon Street) – Ian Haygreen
Soon Is Monday (Ft. Erik Parker) – Circuit Bent
Vines – Alternate Parallel Reality
It’s a Good Day – Damsel in the Dollhouse
11 Ghosts of Chhogori (Vulcan Tea Party Mix) – Deadlights
Decay – Two Volt
EnTeR Me – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun
Knock Us Down – The Sweetest Condition
Slumberless – Mr. Bill + Ill.Gates
Lucifer (Agrippa’s ‘Devil in the Dansette’ Mix) – Damsel in the Dollhouse
To The New Light – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Tx notes.