Tx Fused 21.45


T.V. People – ΣΕΘ SET
Waiting – Etage Neun
Stranger Danger – Ayria
Decadent Is Dangerous – Gravity Corps
Drugged Dangerous & Damned (Jagz’s Clean Short) – PIG
Masquerade (feat. Lunaria Payne) – Boxedge
Tik Tik Tok – Tube und Diode
Euphoria – AEX
Untrue (feat. Nikki Dodds) – Phaserland
In Manhattan – Nation of Language
Falling Out (Monster Apparat Remix) – Fairlight Children
Illusion And Deception – Forces of Light
Hell – William Control
You’ve Become A Monster – Darkzine
Fatale Recall 2 – Curses
Martyr (Outsized Remix) – Depeche Mode
Attiré Par Le Chaos – Fragrance.
Hypnotic (feat grabyourface) – daddybear
Save Myself (feat. Isaac Howlett) – Aesthetic Perfection
Dark Ages – Arian 1
Lifeline – Ralf
Dislocation (Travesty Dub Edit) – Tycho Brahe
Enter With Nothing (FUSED Remix) – Montage Collective
Hold U Now – Robots With Rayguns
Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) (Lindsey Herbert Remix) – Kota Kira
Trust No One – Dylan Beight
Synthetica (Black Asteroid Remix) – Fall Shock
Skyfall – Kevin Lux
Crow and a Baby – Parralox
Confess – Andi
Repent – Randolph & Mortimer
Chosen Ruler – DHI
EBM not EDM (RNZR Remix) – idoLies
The Impalement (Elements of Joy Remix) – Mind | Matter
Fatale Recall 1 – Kendal
Spirit Crab – Robbie Reverb
Death of a Comedian – Sydney Valette
Industrial Beats – Spankthenun
The Man In The Middle – ID10-T
Cyborg – evo-lution
Disaster – Lifelong Corporation
Aligned Town – Anabel Arroyo
Dancing Through My Life – Symptom Eskalation
Violent Communication – Celina
Blinde Gesellschaft – Goden
Sanity Checks (Dunwich Dance Mix by God Module) – Sanity Checks
Bad Dream (Mesh/blackcarburning Remix) – Helix
Tighter – Fiat Lux
Bomber Jacket – Pantser Fabriek

Eat Liver (Gramatik Remix) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer