Thanks for Tuning in to…

… The Fused Wireless Programme!

We go out weekly at 21.00 on Thursday evenings (UK Time), with a two hour show on Fylde Coast Radio!

There are slight variances within the show from week to week, but essentially we cover the same broad genres within a specific area of music (see blow);

  • 1st Thursday of the month = Fused – ‘On This Day In History’, linking tracks to events and UK/US #1s from the past
  • 2nd Thursday of the month = FuseBox – a random pre-selection from the Fused record crates archive
  • 3rd Thursday of the month = InFuse – a selection from the Fused InBox featuring recent releases and independent electronic artists
  • 4th Thursday of the month = REFuse – a themed show following a thread
  • 5th Thursday of the month = DeFuse – Something different on the rare occasion of a fifth Thursday in the calendar month


Presented by Myk.XLR playing, in essence, post-punk, new wave of the late 70s/80s in our ‘Seven From The Double-O‘ segment, to where that scene has taken us subsequently through New Romanticism, Goth, Psycho-billy, Synthpop, etc., with forays before and after for variety – which can include anything from Big Band/Jazz/Blues, Avant-garde & Experimental, Ska/Reggae/Blue Beat, Northern Soul, sub-chart/club sounds of the 80s/90s, Industrial/EBM (and their respective sub-genres), though not necessarily all in one show!

Ultimately, if we like it, we play it, bearing in mind that we tend to dream of electric sheep, which might explain how the show is put together and the format in which it is oft presented.

Listeners can catch the show live on the Fylde Coast Radio site, via the FCR App (available from the site), or numerous radio player app like TuneIn.

We also operate a chatroom on the Discord platform/app, just follow this invite link to join in or post there any time, leave a message, request (within the general genre base we play), or just say “Hi!”.

You can also find us in all the usual places, check the links to the right here>>>

After the event, The Fused Wireless Programme is made available on Mixcloud as a ‘Listen Again‘ service, for anyone who is unable to tune in for the live broadcast of any given show – we’re more than sensitive to the fact that having a global audience is offset by time zone differentials. In addition Mixcloud provides an archive of past shows.

These archived shows are also available on this site on the, erm, ‘Archive‘ pages, including the playlists for each (not available on Mixcloud).


While we are based in Blackpool, Lancashire in the north west of England, our outlook is global and inclusive.

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